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Welcome to St. Joachim Children's Centre

Welcome Back! 

St. Joachim Children's Centre is so excited to see you all! Please watch both Part 1 & Part 2 videos on coming back to the Centre for our Summer 2020 program. 

Address: ​
    75 Concerto Court
    Ancaster, Ontario


Phone Number:

      (905) 648-0072​ 


Email Address:


       7:30am - 5:30pm 

Summer Hours: 

       8am - 4:30pm

About Us

St. Joachim Children's Centre has been serving the families of St. Joachim School and the Ancaster community since September of 1990 with pleasure! The centre has maintained a closely knit family of staff over many years, who go above and beyond in providing a loving and enriched program. The program follows How Does Learning Happen which was started by the Ministry of Education in the year 2014. St. Joachim Children's Centre is a home away from home. We look forward to continuing our partnership with St. Joachim School and the Ancaster Community. 

- Heather Ross-Baxter, Supervisor 
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