Welcome to St. Joachim Children's Centre

Welcome Back! 

St. Joachim Children's Centre is so excited to see you all! Please watch both Part 1 & Part 2 videos on coming back to the Centre for our Summer 2020 program. 

Address: ​
    75 Concerto Court
    Ancaster, Ontario


Phone Number:

      (905) 648-0072​ 


Email Address:


       7:15am - 5:45pm 

Summer Hours: 

       8am - 4:30pm

About Us

St. Joachim Children's Centre has been serving the families of St. Joachim School and the Ancaster community since September of 1990 with pleasure! The centre has maintained a closely knit family of staff over many years, who go above and beyond in providing a loving and enriched program. Our program would not be complete without our amazing cook, Miss Grace. The menu planning and food have left fond memories for everyone! St. Joachim Children's Centre is a home away from home. We look forward to continuing our partnership with St. Joachim School and the Ancaster Community. 
- Heather Ross-Baxter, Supervisor