World Down Syndrome Day! 

Jan 25th

PA Day Fun! 

Three Billy Goats


The following document is all about learning through play with the story Three Billy Goats Gruff

Dressing Cards

Literacy fun

The Good Old

Hockey Game!

Yoga Room 

Our Sound Tree


New Year with some New Friends!

A New Addition to our Playground

2018 was a GREAT year! 

Christmas Lunch


Thank you Miss Grace for such a yummy lunch!! 

A Big Thank You!

On behalf of our St. Joachim Children's Centre, we would like to extend our sincere thank you for the extremely generous donations that we have collected over the month of December. Your response to this project has been truly inspiring and we are so grateful to be part of this community. Your support has helped us spread our love to those in need and model compassion and empathy for the children in our Centre. From our hearts to yours, thank you so much for your continued support on our journey together with our St. Joachim Children's Centre Family. We would like to wish you warm and happy holiday wishes!

Trip to the Christmas

Tree Farm 

Jamming Outside 

The children were singing Christmas songs outside so Miss Hannah got her drum and everyone joined in! 

Winter Fun

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Thanksgiving Lunch!

Miss Grace made such a yummy Thanksgiving Lunch for everyone! We had turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, a brussel-sprout- sweet potato dish and mini apple crisp cheesecakes for dessert. We are so lucky to have our Miss Grace!!

Find Your Block! 

The Centre has set up a block area with pictures of not only the children and teachers but also of places and things the children see when they are on walks or out with their families!  

Fall Fun    

A Special Visit 

St. Joachim Children's Centre hosted Tools for Life Corporation Georgia Project Meetings on August 16th. It was a lovely visit, both the staff and children enjoyed showing everyone around the Centre! 

Our Summer Programs  

The Daycare, JK/SK and PJ Groups have had a super-duper summer!